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pit fires, coil pots

updated tue 2 apr 02


karen lovenguth on sun 31 mar 02

At least for this past years work a great
majority of my pots had the extended flared neck. I
have learned that that part of the pot is very apt to
I dug a large pit in the ground this past week,I
think it is about 70 or 80 cm deep and about 1 m sq. I
am going to fill it with a mix of dung and sawdust.
There are many windy nights here and I want to protect
the pots from those temp changes. I also rolled out a
few of the shrinkage test tiles to see at what percent
my fire clay is shrinking. By the way my pieces I
finish by burnishing and then adding terra sigs of
many different hues. I mix them with oxides sometimes
or mason stains. I like the fires that give me a
mottled effect. Sometimes I even use the terra sig
like it comes and get pots that are black and white
with many shades of grey. It is always a surprise
isnīt it.
There was a short one page article in the last?
ceramics monthly of a woman I believe from sweden? I
donīt have it close by to check. She had some nice
pieces and a good idea for finishes using slurry I
understood as sort of a wax resist. There are so many
things to try! Take care K

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