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fwd: re: leather ^6 gb sub?/thanks

updated tue 2 apr 02


Ron Roy on mon 1 apr 02

Hi Chris,

I'm late with this - been on the road and still trying to catch up.

Margaret asked me to comment on her frit 3134 revision - looks good to me.

You may find it needing some more work - make sure you give as much detail
to Margaret as possible - including cone bend.

Most glazes - when revised this way will work just fine in most cases. The
unbalanced ones - like this one - are the most difficult.

Margaret is also right about the durability - this glaze is going to change
in use - and it could be dramatic - try a slice of lemon overnight on it.

Margaret is getting very good at this folks - takes some of the weight off
me and I am grateful for that.


>>Thanks for your revisions. I was trying to do just what you did with 3134
>>but didn't consider removing Wollastonite altogether. I guess I just need
>>to fiddle a bit more...I've already run a test fire tonight with my crude
>>revision and will post my luck and try your version in the next firing.
>>best wishes,