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cyber-ceramics exhibition

updated mon 1 apr 02


chris cox on sun 31 mar 02

In 1998 we held our first Potfest cyberspace competition.

Entries were by email and all those entering a piece voted for their
favourites. The most popular were declared winners and all the entries
were on the Potfest site for a year.

We were hoping that like the NCECA mug exchange we would start a social
interaction between potters world wide. To get the idea off the ground
we offered prize money but I wondered if a competition as such is a
divisive factor and discourages some to take part. If the objective is
merely social contact, perhaps competition sounds too serious.

So this year potters are invited to take part in an exhibition.
Exhibitors can still nominate their favourites for a Hall of Fame but
there will be a visitors book also to make comment.

If this lack of prize money means that no one enters work then so be it.
If the idea is to be a social event, it's not much of one if you have to
pay people to attend.

The theme for this year is DISH OF THE DAY, an exhibition of dished
forms. Hopefully everyone will interpret it in their own way, thrown,
pinched, slabbed, coiled, cast, carved, sculpted, etc. Whatever you do
is what you are.

Stuffed shirts need not apply.

For more details see the Potfest website
chris & geoff cox