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craig's teapot/clayart collection

updated sat 30 mar 02


Joyce Lee on fri 29 mar 02

In my wonderful Clayart collection I have
two of Craig Martell's luncheon plates decorated much like his teapot =
... with the tenmoku middle and several colors of slip on the rims. =
They are exquisite and very usable. As with each piece in my =
collection, I like to stroke them occasionally as I pass .... however, =
every pot in this collection is used, no matter how grand the design and =
execution. ... and what a variety!

I know I whined and carried on shamefully and made myself suspect =
forever in the minds of some, but it was worth it.... and more .... =
would do it again if I thought I'd get the same results. Every single =
plate/pot I received is treasured ... every one. (And, yes, I'm still =
accepting gifts ..... birthday money ran out long ago.....)=20

In the Mojave where I'm ordering xerascape desert plants for the newly =
fenced puppy area .... wouldn't think you'd have to ORDER them, would =
you? But the tumbleweed takes over, crowds out the native plants except =
for creosote .... so if I want something akin to what I envision, I have =
to order from a nursery ..... where the desert vegetation sells as fast =
as it comes off the truck. Our westie is probably spoiled, but truly =
she doesn't know one plant from another and would prefer to have no =
fence! Not like Karen T.'s Buck who is having a Easter Biscuit Hunt =
this weekend for a few of his friends!! Now, That's Bad.....