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craig martell teapots

updated tue 2 apr 02


June Perry on sun 31 mar 02

Alex, I am the happy owner of a Craig Martell teapot and they are awesome.
What's more awesome is a workshop with Craig. His was the only workshop I've
ever attended where the potter actually decorated the pot beyond the usual
slip application during the wet stage.
It was wonderful watching him not only slip decorating but later spraying
oxides, and glazes on the forms.
Other than John Glick, who I think brings practically his whole studio with
him for a workshop, Craig's Martell ties for the most generous of potters
both on this list and in a workshop. If anyone every had the opportunity to
attend a workshop I would say run, don't pass go!


Craig Martell on mon 1 apr 02

Hello June:

Thanks for the plug! I wondered why I'm always so knackered after doing a
workshop. Now I have a better idea.

The workshop for Clayfolk was very good, with a great group of potters. I
figured that you'd be more worn out than Linda and I after having to feed
us all weekend. If I had a lot of energy, it was undoubtedly from the
excellent cuisine.

make some pots, Craig Martell in sunny Oregon...........well, kind of sunny