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beginners vs masters

updated sun 31 mar 02


BVCuma on sat 30 mar 02

I percieve a part of technical mastery
acknowleges the potential failure
as an inherant risk of maintaining the "freshness"
required to keep the creative flow circulating...
anyone who attains mastery and refuses to
be consent to this fact is no longer
in a position to assume any such "achievement"
Many hide behind past successes
afraid to experience the possibility of future failure.
This is where the dead and routine takes the forefront.
It is a danger on the path...
one of many pitfalls.

I remember "practice" in riding my bike...
the fools watching would laugh when I fell.
I let them laugh...
the joke was on them.
I knew my mastery would never be complete.

One who "attains" his ascent
has already begun the descent.

The true master is always a beginner.