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the one minute teapot,or i can't take it anymore! ..was re: two

updated fri 29 mar 02


Earl Brunner on thu 28 mar 02

minute teapot

I enjoyed your "name that tune" analogy. I just wanted to comment on the part
below. I LOVE have several hundred pounds of clay on hand. I always try to to
have enough clay on hand that I can make anything that I want. When the supply
runs low, I begin to fret about what to make, "oh, I've only got 19 lbs left,
can't waste it, what'll I make?" It's not really a question of waste so much as
having to decide. Having enough clay is liberating in the sense that my mind is
free to make anything. One of the most mind blowing experiences that I ever had
was ordering 10 tons of premixed clay at one time. It was part of a business
plan. But all that clay....! I couldn't wait to get started!

Dupre Mr Marcy M wrote:

> Ya'll have a wonderful day! I envy anyone today who has the terrible job of
facing > a brand new barrel of just-pugged and aged clay. Imagine, a wholebarrel
of pots, > waiting to happen! Make those pots, Dudes and Dudettes!

> Best to all,
> Tig

Earl Brunner