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teapots 3 minutes plus 25...

updated fri 29 mar 02


j e motzkin on thu 28 mar 02

All this talk about making fast teapots hit a very funny
note with me today.

I was teaching as a visiting artist at Harvard/Radcliffe
ceramics studio today. I did a teapot demo: thrown body,
lid, spout, pulled handle, assembly.

There is a man in the class who has never done clay
before and has been handbuilding. This is not a throwing
After my demo he calmly said that what he wanted to make
next was one of those teapots for his wife. I gently told
him that he might need to learn how to throw first. "But
it looked so easy and fast when you did it..."

He was quite certain, and not dissuaded by my advice...

So, in all this talk of making em fast, let us not
discount the years, be it my 25, your 10 or mel's 40 that
make it look "so easy".

Judy Motzkin

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