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cone 6 shino again

updated fri 29 mar 02


Ron Collins on thu 28 mar 02

To add to an old worn out thread, after attending NCECA, I tried some =
shino tests, fired to about cone 5 reduction. I had interesting =
results. I tested six glazes, from the article on shinos late last year =
in CM. Some were reformulated for lack of spodumene, using lithium =
carb. None were changed in regards to trying to fire at 5-6 rather than =
10. Some nice melts, and interesting results. The only bad part was my =
using ocher slips, which turned brown, rather than red. Other than =
that, I reproduced some white shinos with random orange patches...on the =
best two, I had carbon trapping and patterning where the wax resist =
was...I will try again, but this time with the RIO like I should have =
done in the first place. I probably shouldn't bother, because I'm using =
my soft brick raku kiln, which only accommodates 13" shelves....but if =
(it seems like) everyone else is doing shino teabowls and teapots, then =
I can too....I just miss my old reduction fire days, so wanted to dabble =
again....I seem to be doing a lot of "dabbling" after coming =
quitting giving classes for a while, maybe forever....just want to get =
my new work cohesive...anyway, the best glaze of the bunch, at lower =
temperature, is:

Revised K Shino, from CM, cone 10 fired to cone 6 light to med. =

31.5 Neph Sye
17 Kona f-4-but I substituted my unspecified, unknown feldspatho
5 Lithium carb.
7 Soda Ash
15 OM4 ball clay
24.5 EPK

If you try it, would you let me know? Melinda Collins, Antigua, =
Guatemala--we have 100,000 people in our little town now, for the =
largest easter pagentry in the western hemisphere....can't go anywhere, =
so what else to do but test glazes?