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updated fri 29 mar 02


Lee Love on fri 29 mar 02

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From: "John Baymore"

>I think one important point that comes out of all this is realizing that
>there are $65 teapots....... and there are $650 teapots.....and there are
>$6500 teapots ......... and there are $65,000 teapots (only by Volkous
>). The market for each type is distinct, different, and pretty finite.

My larger teapots used to go for about $65.00 back in St. Paul.

While I was packing a teapot for the Seibu department store show
yesterday, I was thinking that the wooden box I was packing the pot into, cost
more than $65.00. The economic scale is different here. In Japan, at this
level, there are so many support factors that go into the work that are not a
factor back home.

Tomorrow, we will probably spend the day helping Sensei while he does
caligraphy on the new boxes that arrived from the box maker for the current
shows. When we finish that, we will cut rope for tying the boxes and then
maybe pack work into them. Right now, we are preparing work for about five
different shows. not including the orders for local shops that keep coming in.
I would guess we are talking about over 600 or 700 pieces.

One of the smaller shows will be at the new Mingeikan gallery. It will
be a contemporary gallery across the street from the main Tokyo Mingeikan, in
Yanagi's old house. The opening will be on May 3rd. The show includes:
Tatsuzo Shimaoka, Sori Yanagai, David Leach and Warren MacKenzie.

Lee in Mashiko
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