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teapots, wine and potters

updated thu 28 mar 02


clennell on wed 27 mar 02

with this thread about quickie t-pots it's time for Ronnies old bull, young
bull story. this story needs to be told once a year on clayart. Ronnie told
it to me everytime we met. Before i tell it, I want to say that I have no
ambitions to make teapots or any other kind of pot fast. don't need to. In
fact all of my pots take way more time now, than they did 20 years ago and
I'm a much more skillful potter. Now I see details much more clearly and
attend to small details that I wouldn't have bothered with as a young
whipper snapper.
Time has a way of making t-pots, wine and potters better. Many others things
come to mind- lovemaking, Texas chili, bread in a wood cookstove.
The old and the young bull

are standing on the hill looking out over a field of young heifers. the
young bull says "lets run down and make it with one of those heifers". The
old bull says "Let's walk down and make it with them all".
I now qualify as a old bull and it is my desire to make everyone of my
t-pots have that look on it's face of a heifer that has a good night with
her bull.
Slow down gang- theres no race goin' on. Teapots are the most profitable
item I make and I make them slowly.