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teapots and deniro

updated thu 28 mar 02


TONICLAYS@AOL.COM on wed 27 mar 02

See what happens when you read all these great posts, even the sort of OT
ones? Last night I dreamt that I met Robert DeNiro. (He was throwing off
centered pots.) I said, "Could you give me some advice about making good
pots, Mr. De Niro?" He looked at me, looked down for a minute as if
thinking. Then he looked up and said very dramatically, "When its finished,
leave it alone." May not sound very deep, but it cut to the heart of one of
my problems as a perfectionist, always trying to make it better, instead of
realizing that it is very good just the way it is. I would have preferred
hearing it from Bernard Leach or Mr. Hamada but a message is a message.Oh, I
have heard it before but maybe now I will remember better and smile about it
too. Toni Smith, always the dreamer, awake or asleep.