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re. pulling without tongs

updated wed 27 mar 02


Israel dawson on wed 27 mar 02

Karen wrote,

Hi fellow rakuers,

I have ordered a larger raku kiln since my work is getting larger and I can
longer fire in my present kiln. I am getting the "clam shell kiln" from
in Tacoma (built custom for me in a larger size). I plan to be pulling some
the more awkward pieces without the use of tongs and would love some tips
those of you who have been so bold. The protective suit is much too
for me to handle at this point, so I'm wondering what will REALLY be
Of course, I'll be buying the "super duper" gloves. Anyone have any
for alternatives to the rest of the paraphernalia?


Karen in Gualal

Well Karen one of the local potters here made some big 4' jars and stuff for
raku, and when it came time to pull he got his wife to wrap him in layers of
wet cotton rags till he looked like a mummy and with only his eyes not
covered wearing welding goggles, he then walked into the kiln and grabbed
the pots with both arms wrapped around red hot pot and took them out to the
reduction pit!. He did this several times I'm told. Not for those who
experience claustrophobia.
Cheers from Israel living in NZ where we really get in to the process;).

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