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new tool for potters!

updated thu 28 mar 02


BatGrabber on wed 27 mar 02

I am a potter and the inventor of this product, trying to get the word ou=
about this product. Please accept my apology if you received this email
unintentionally. The email message will not be repeated, but is being
broadcast for information distribution only. Thanks for your time.

BatGrabber(tm) is the greatest setup
tool ever invented for potters:

=B7 Keeps all bats in place, including bats with worn out holes and
uneven surfaces
=B7 Prevents damage to wheel-head when lifting bats off
=B7 Fast setup and tear-down times for easy quick bat changes; grea=
t for
production potters
=B7 Eliminates damage to leather-hard pots when holding pot for
trimming; excellent trimming aid
=B7 Lets you focus on creativity and spend less time on the technic=
setup challenges

Setup is as easy as 1-2-3
1 - Wet BatGrabber and squeeze the water out
2 - Set BatGrabber on dry wheel-head
3 - Place bat on top of BatGrabber

That=92s all there is to it. When you=92re done, no more prying the stic=
ky bat
off the wheel-head damaging the wheel or the bat, or even worse =96 flipp=
your finished pottery onto the floor. Simply lift up and the bat will co=
off the wheel-head without any struggle. Grab a new bat and you=92re rea=
again. Use the second Bat-Grabber on top of the bat and hold your
leather-hard pottery for trimming (without the clay =93feet=94 pressing a=
your piece and damaging or misshaping the fragile piece). Great tool for
beginners too!

To order, please visit the web site
send an email to
or call (408) 535-0432

Dealer/Distributor pricing is available, please call or write for details.
School discount available for quantity orders (minimum order is 30 units).

BatGrabber=99 (copyright 2002) is manufactured in the USA and covered und=
pending US patents.
It is a consumable type product and therefore does not come with a warran=
Products are manufactured individually by hand and are without defects.
Each shipment is inspected 100%., P.O. Box 5624, San Jose, California 95150-5624 USA