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glazing on fired tiles

updated fri 29 mar 02


Joan & Tom Woodward on wed 27 mar 02

I have two unrelated questions for all you wonderful, helpful folks. =
First, we're remodeling a bathroom and I want to do some custom tiles. =
I'd prefer to use satin glazed, commercial tiles so they would fit =
perfectly with other tiles in the bathroom. I've tried using E-Z =
strokes and re-firing the commercial tiles to 06. It worked, but not as =
well as I would like. Any thoughts on other under- or over-glazes that =
might be good to try on these commercial tiles?

Second, un-related question. There was discussion recently about using =
alumina in wax to prevent lids from sticking to galleys. What form of =
alumina would that be?

I've just finished my first tests of several of John and Ron's glazes. =
I'll report my results as soon as the 3-day vinegar test is completed! =20

Thanks! =20

Joan in Grand Junction embarking on remodeling which isn't leaving =
enough time for regular potting!

Brant Palley on thu 28 mar 02

See the Concepts, underglazes for bisque, on

Concepts are more like un-moving glazes than underglazes, they are shiny
and are fired to cone 06. I have used them on glazed tile and they are
very dependable. They work great at cone 6 too.


Brant Palley

Nancy Guido on thu 28 mar 02

Try Amaco's Majolica Gloss Decorating glazes. I successfully covered a beige
soap dish with the black. It wasn't an exact match with my black glazed trim
tiles, but it looked better than the beige.

I got the idea from a friend who went to a Lana Wilson workshop.