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10 minute teapots

updated wed 27 mar 02


Joyce Lee on tue 26 mar 02

Many times we've spoken on the list about 3 minute teapots..... not good =
ones, but then they were thrown by beginning students. I'm sure there =
are archival posts detailing the process. Seems like many of us had =
instructors who assigned such work in the first semester of pottery.
.... I know mine was first semester because I only took one semester. =
Wedging wasn't included in the timing, nor was putting the parts =
together, nor trimming... just throwing..... but we made some decent, =
unintentionally humorous teapots within the parameters of three minutes. =
Later we had an honor system for taking no longer than 10 minutes to =
fit the spout, lid and handle on the teapot, and to trim.

Do I make 13 minute teapots now? No.
I fiddle forever with the gallery and the lid, and the trimming. They =
are technically better than those 3 minute pots (or 13, more correctly) =
but not as loose... not even close..... and not as personable either. I =
didn't think so at the time, but now I realize that they had a certain =
charm about them that my teapots haven't had since. AND that if I'd =
continued throwing teapots in that same time span, by now....
almost 4 years later.... my teapots would likely meet my expectations =

In the Mojave with a very clean puppy at my feet .... took five minutes =
to bathe her..... an hour to dry..... going to get the last puppy shot =
today..... makes me sad..... but she thinks it's time for the Happy =