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san diego:proximity to mexico

updated tue 26 mar 02


Stephani Stephenson on mon 25 mar 02

L.P. Skeen wrote:
Hey y'all,

How close is Mexico from the conference site?

Hi Lisa
San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico are across the border from each other.
You can take the already oft mentioned trolley to the border and walk
over to Tijuana, as well as drive, etc.
This weekend I happened to meet with some ceramic artists from Baja,
Ensenada and Tijuana who now are excited and planning to come to NCECA.

I hope there is additional representation from Mexican Artists and
Potters at NCECA as there are some dedicated artists and some good work
coming from there.
Of course NCECA will provide a massive amount of info on everything
imagineble. In addition there are websites on public transport,
accommodations, maps, restaurants, etc. As it draws nearer folks will be
posting links and info...little tidbits of this and that., but we are
still pretty far off from the conference.
worse than waiting for Santa!
Stephani Stephenson