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malcolm davis workshop april 13th-14th, help!

updated sun 24 mar 02


Pat Colyar on fri 22 mar 02

I'm signed up for the Malcolm Davis workshop at the Metchosin
Center for the arts on Vancouver Island, BC in April, and am
looking for a place to stay on Friday and Saturday nights. I
have no idea how far Metchosin is from either ferry terminal, so
can you also tell me if I have to bring my car? As you can tell,
I'm trying to keep expenses down. Last year was pretty bad
finacially; this is my Big Outing (no, not that kind of outing,
Russel), and I'm taking advantage of those fat U.S. dollars in
Pat Colyar, in Gold Bar, WA

lindsay stevenson on sat 23 mar 02

Hi Pat: Yes you will need your car or you will have to rent one. Metchosin
is a bit of a drive from Victoria. I haven't been there I have just heard
(I think it is about 1/2 hour) If you call Miera Mathieson at Metchosin
apparently she can give you some names of bed and breakfasts in the
immediate area.

Hope this helps

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