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i know two creativity books

updated sun 24 mar 02


Ababi on sat 23 mar 02

I know two creativity books, actually more, but the best are the ones
you think about immediately.
David Jones Investigation into raku. You can don't have to read the
raku parts if you are not interested, glazing, kilns and so on. He has
a chapter dealing with creativity.
One of the first topics, in clayart when I joined was about getting
stuck cannot create,( in nicer words) and how to overcome from the
awful situation. David Jones gives you good tools to deal with the so
familiar problem.

The other one, When I bought it I did not know what it was about,
Finding One's Way with Clay of Paulus Berensohn. My work these days
strongly influented by the spirit as well as the technics of this
unique book!
Ababi Sharon
Kibbutz Shoval- Israel
Going deeply into glazing