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clay times voulkos tribute

updated sun 24 mar 02


Tommy Humphries on fri 22 mar 02

Just got my clay times today...they have a great tribute to Pete. One
photo at the Bray shows Bernard Leach, Rudy Autio, Pete, Soji Hamada and
Soetsu Yanagi standing around just talking...Great photo of some great pot

Mention was made of a tribute at NCECA...what was that like? Nobody has
spoken of it yet.

Oh and a big congrats to Cindy Strnad on a great article on teapots...lots
of good tips in there Cindy...way to go!


Mike Gordon on sat 23 mar 02

Hi all,
I thought the Clay Tmes tribute on Voulkos was ok. But for someone as
important to clay as Pete was I expected much more. Mike Gordon