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updated fri 22 mar 02


Chris Campbell on thu 21 mar 02

Tommy wrote -

' .......... as the potter progresses and becomes more proficient in
production the labor costs will likely go way down.

This raises the question, of do you let the prices remain the same, and
pocket the extra cash as a reward for your efforts, or do you refigure the
costs to reflect your current status, and adjust the price per pot down.
OR, do you give yourself a big raise because of your hard work and increased
skill, and raise the bar even higher.'

In my opinion, since you have become more skilled your time is worth
more. You have jumped from novice to advanced and as such deserve a raise.
Now, more than ever, you should value your time and spend it on jobs that
only you can do best.

I challenge all of you doing shows this year to take a little Leap of
Faith ... try setting aside a few of your best pieces in an area marked '
Artist's Choice ' or ' Best of the Show ' or whatever .... place them a
little higher in the booth and price them a little higher than the others ...
have fun explaining to your customers why they are your favorites and why you
like them so much .... tell the story of how they made it into the elite area
.... and, please report back to us on what happens.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - the dogwoods are finally blooming so the
bluebirds will be here soon.

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