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updated fri 22 mar 02


artimater on thu 21 mar 02

The RETAIL price should be about double that figure.
In other words a potter should be able to live with an offer by a dealer =
buy his whole stock for 50% of the marked prices. Any potter who finds =
shocking,or unacceptable may be selling WHOLESALE to the public. Just a
John Forstall in Pensacola Fl.

Yep Yep Yep.....Some might be...and that led the guy in the next booth =
to do the same so the guy in the first booth went lower than =
wholesale....Pretty soon EVERYone there was SELLING EVERYTHING.....Then =
to live they quit paying taxes.....started walking around town with mud =
all over their clothes......
I think everyone should take a bath and change clothes......Hold =
their head up and look people in the eye....Price stuff at what it is =
worth to you(like Tommy's painting......and mel's....anyone wanna see =
them?)...god....honesty, what a concept
"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"

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