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a mouse in my terra sig.

updated fri 22 mar 02


Timakia@AOL.COM on thu 21 mar 02

Thought you might find this funny. I noticed a few days ago that there is a
mouse in my studio. I am not scared of them (unless they surprise me) , but
I wanted it out, since I had a previous experience of them eating into my
freshly made pots. I put some poisen out, but forgot they need water to get
killed and did not leave an opening for him to get out. I have freshly made
terra sig, busy drying out. When I got into my studio this morning, I found a
dead mouse in my terra sig. Fortunately I divided the terra sig into
different buckets, so the damage is not too much. I would not like to work
with mouse flavored terra sig.....
In South Africa, the frogs crept into my clay bags an constantly gave me a
fright. Wonder if nature is working against me.LOL.
Antoinette Badenhorst
105 Westwood circle
Saltillo, MS