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pricing - arti is right on - oops! did i say that?

updated thu 21 mar 02


Chris Campbell on wed 20 mar 02

Arti wrote -

' I bet you could sell everything if you priced it at =
$25......I bet you could sell it all if you priced it at $5...If you =
will sell at $65.....why not $5?????.....If the object is to sell =
everything why not....$2?????
My god!!!!....Shouldn't your stuff be worth at least as much as the =
commercial made by the thousands Walmart crap out there?....'

It is extremely discouraging to read that a competent potter would
walk through a store, check prices on machine made pots and decide that his
is only worth half as much. That is the core of the pricing problem with
pottery. Our best don't really believe they can charge more for the beauty
of design and excellence of craftsmanship that comes with the years they have
spent perfecting their skills.

I agree with Arti - is the point really just to sell everything??
Sure, I could sell at half my price and be so busy that I could barely take a
bathroom break ... but so what ??? What on earth would that accomplish other
than giving everyone but me a great deal ???

My column in the most recent Pottery Making Illustrated deals with HOW
to price your pots so you know if you are making money. It does not involve
pricing just like everyone else, or below everyone else ... but rather on
knowing your costs so that you can price intelligently.

I promise this is true - there are customers out there who will gladly
pay a bit more for quality handmade goods. Right now they are spending that
money elsewhere ... probably on glass.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - trying very hard to stay pc - but my
brain is exploding and my tongue is rolling back !!!

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