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[re: photos of alice's clayart room at kansas city]

updated thu 21 mar 02


BEVERLY SCULPTR on wed 20 mar 02

Thanks for the photos...REALLY enjoyed the ones of the people ....NOW tha=
would make a great poster ...Beverly

John Baymore wrote:
Hi all.

I just put a couple of photos from the Clayart Room up on my website. =

Nothing too involved or special. Take a look if you like. It'll take abo=
80 seconds to load the page at 28.8 speed with its 7 pictures. It is in
the "Of Interest to Potters" section accessible from the
home page.



John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086 USA

603-654-2752 (s)
800-900-1110 (s)

"DATES SET: Earth, Water, and Fire Noborigama Woodfiring Workshop =

August 16-25, 2002"

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