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updated fri 22 mar 02


iandol on wed 20 mar 02

Dear Mel,

the funny thing is that they are also $125 in our big departmental =
stores as well. now that equates to your $65. go figure.

as you say, mould made. but they have middle men, importers, exporters, =
franchisees, and a certain duchess/princess designing and promoting for =
them as well.

i would dare you to go and ask the sales person to top one up with water =
and test it's pouring ability

all the best,

Ivor. Redhill, South Australia

Lee Love on wed 20 mar 02

----- Original Message -----
From: "artimater"

> I figure I oughta be able to buy two pieces of slipcast crap to offset the
loss of
>the one kick ass piece I no longer have.....

I've always made work that people like me would buy. How many artists
have to cater to people they probably wouldn't enjoy having lunch with? It's
a little like being a prostitute.

Now, I don't mean that "some" of my work might not be of interest to
wealthy people. My only concern is that "some" of my work be affordable to
everybody. If a kid skips lunch (like I used to do, as a poor kid, to by
paperbacks), they should be able to buy one of my pieces. I'd much rather
inspire someone else to be creative than to sell them something, really.
Because we human beings, if we are not creating/growing, we are just supporting

That's why I like the way some folks deal with this issue by making two
lines of work: one for every day use and then another line of vases, teapots,
etc (gallery stuff.) That way, you can work on pure creativity, but still be
available to everybody.

Lee In Mashiko

"It is not from ourselves that we learn to be better than we are. " -Wendell