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cone box selected artists

updated thu 21 mar 02



The artists listed below have pieces selected for the 2002
Orton International Cone Box Show.

Bebe Alexander
Tania Babb
Lesley Baker
Tammy Bality
Christian Barr
Peter Beard
Susan Beiner
Mark Bell
Richey Bellinger
Clinton Berry
Kristi Blank
Joanna Bloom
Isabelle Bourdon
Judy Boyer
Duane Brant
Barbara Brown
Shannon Calhoun
Mike Callaghan
Aaron Calvert
Gale Carter
Pascal Chmelar
Mary Ann Clark
Kelly Clark
Susan Clusener
Donna Cole
Jim Connell
Mitsuru Cope
Pixie Couch
Kris Cummings
Greg Daly
Tom Davidson
Andrew Davis
Patty Degenhardt
Scott Dooley
Kim Dowler
Jeff Downing
Elizabeth Drachman
Carolyn Eddins
Bacia Edelman
Daniel Engelke
Dianne Farber
Christine Federighi
Angela Foley
Wendy Foster
Laura Foster
Toby Atticus Fraley
Andrea Freel
Narell Fulwood
Linda Gates
Celia Gelfman
Richard Gerald
Marie Gibbons
Laine Gifford
John Glumpler
Naoko Gomi
Dana Goodman
Anne Goodrich
Judith Graham
Anne Gregerson
Vanessa Grubbs
Mariana Gutierrez
Neely Hachtel
Patricia Hammond
Kathryn Hanson
C.J. Hays
Ingrid Hendrix
Jennifer Hill
Nina Hole
Hsin-Yi Huang
Dale Huffman
Meg Ida
Ester Ikeda
Youshi Ikeda
Chad Ingram
Cathy Jefferson
Brian Jensen
Barbara Johnson
Suzanne Kane
Elizabeth Kendall
Beth Kennedy
Mary Kim
Jenny Kistner
Jan Knight
Annett Krage
Ben Krupka
Arnie Kubelun
Enzien Kufeld
Mary Larrabee
Antonio Lawson
Diana Le Blanc
Minako Yamane Lee
Jieun Lee
Kristy Lombard
Eli Lorenz
Ruchika Madan
Andree Mahoney
Joanna Mark
Keith Martin
Kicki Masthem
Brian McCallum
Mary McDonough
Rita McGie
Hillary McLaughlin
Phil Mcloed
Cheryl Meeks
Carol-Ann Michaelson
Sequoia Miller
Gail Nichols
Eric Nichols
Heather O'Brien
L. Ortiz
Rick Parsons
Thimo Pimentel
Becky Posnak
T.T. Pottery
Robert Prenovault
Veena Raghavan
Phil Rogers
June Rokita
Leonard Rubenstein
Carol & Richard Selfridge
Paula Shalay
Todd Shanafelt
Sunny Shultz
Marty Shuter
Gerry Smith
Bertie Smith
Michele Smith
Susan Speck
Blake Standard
Kaaren Stoner
Roland Summer
Glenda Taylor
Billie Jean Theide
Catherine Thornton
Brenda Townsen
George Tracy
Leilani Trinka
Wolfgang Vegas
Rimas VisGirda
Richard Walker
Joan Walton
Hsia-Man Lydia Wang
Kurt Webb
Annie Webster
Sarah Welch
Kip Whelan
Ellen Williams
Liz Willoughby
Michael Wisner
Tony Wright
Motsy Wynn
Cynthia Young
Summer Zickefoose

Inge Balch
Curator, Professor of Art, Department Chair
Baker University

Janet Kaiser on wed 20 mar 02

May I offer my congratulations to Veena in public, please Mel? I got
the mail from and went straight down to the names
beginning with R to see... Held my breath all the time... It's a long
list... And then BINGO!!! Veena Raghavan, black on white... I could
not have been more excited if I had had my own work selected.

At least two Brits too... Peter Beard and Phil Rogers. Both have
written books and are good friends. Even physically similar... Gentle

Now I come to scan the list again... Barbara Brown, Bacia Edelman,
Marie Gibbons, Gail Nichols... All clay arters... Congratulations
everyone! Including those I have no doubt missed... Sorry!

One name which I do not know, but appealed tremendously: Wolfgang
Vegas. Probably a little discussed phenomena in the ceramic world:
"stage names" or performance names... WV is a name one would not
easily forget and no doubt helps. I wonder how many people have
suggested he add Amadeus as a middle name? We have a local potter who
is continuing the bardic tradition of using a "pen name" for her work:
Gwenllian Dwyfor. Friends and family know her as Gwen Tucker, but
Dwyfor is the local administrative area within the county. Sort of
kills two birds with one stone. Iwan Bala is another artist who
adopted the town name of Bala (which is famous for its religious
college and centre of Welsh culture) in preference to plain Mr.
Roberts. Sure beats becoming "Gwen the Pots" or "Iwan Paint"... which
is the usual way of distinguishing all the Owens, Jones, Roberts,
Williams, etc. from one another.

Do you know of any potters using an artist or pen name? (Keeping
maiden names does not count!)

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art / Capel Celfyddyd
Home of The International Potters' Path
8 Marine Crescent : Criccieth : GB-Wales