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"showtime" now joins "ghost" and other films which contain scenes of

updated wed 20 mar 02


MOLINA, RAFAEL on tue 19 mar 02


Saturday evening my girlfriend and I went to see "Showtime" with Robert =
DeNiro and Eddie Murphy. While not what some would consider great =
cinema, we laughed through the whole picture (does that mean we're =

I never thought I would see Robert DeNiro attempting to throw a pot on a =
Brent wheel (with a copy of Ceramics: Art and Perception hung on the =
wall in the background). His character said his marriage counselor =
suggested he pick up a hobby so he took up pottery. His "hobby" was a =
running gag throughout the movie. In addition to the scene with him =
throwing there were many examples of his poorly thrown coffee mugs and =
he even gave Murphy's character a small pot to hold spare change.

When it comes out on DVD I'll have to buy it and show my class! ;-D



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