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fire organ video

updated tue 19 mar 02


Jim Tabor on mon 18 mar 02


I missed the fire organ as I was touring galleries at the time. Using a
Nikon digital, I have about 300 hi-res images from all the shows I could
visit that I plan to use in my classroom. It would excite the minds of
many of my students if they could also see your video. I would like to
trade you a CD of NCECA images for your CD/DVD of the video. I plan to
make the 4 1/2 hour trip back to KC and see as many of the shows as I
can later this week. Too many shows, too little time.

Also, the Clayart mug exchange looked like it would be a great teaching
collection with the high quality, diverse styles and techniques brought
by Clayarters. If you are interested, help me get started on a
collection with an exchange. I currently work at ^1 with the same
strength as when (15+ years) I fired ^6. At school, the cycle time is a
little faster, less ware on the kilns, and the quality to match ^6.

Let me know if you are interested in an exchange.

Jim Tabor