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lark books - how to get a replacement for glaze book

updated mon 18 mar 02


Lois Ruben Aronow on sun 17 mar 02

I must have missed the original post on this. How does one go about
getting a replacement copy? There doesn't seem to be any instruction
on their web site.

>I just received my replacement copy this week in a brown flat
>cardboard mailer. Maybe they just forgot to put the book in your mailer!
>Debbie Jestin wrote:
>> So, I come home from lunch and inbetween the doors is a brown =
>> envelope. I bring it in and look at the label, delivered by UPS, tear =
>> it, empty! Look at the invoice, says doz book, ship to me, value 2.00 =
>> sent by Sterling Publishers,NY. I'm baffled. So I do a search on the
>> computer, find a list and on it is Lark Books. Ok, I bought a copy of =
>> Ceramic Glaze Handbook by Mark Burleson. It was full of mistakes and =
we were
>> asked to send the page to Lark for a replacement copy. Is this it?
>> =
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Lois Ruben Aronow

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