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working in europe,listing of workshops request

updated sat 16 mar 02


Working Potter on fri 15 mar 02

It would interest me also to find workshops in Great Britian and possibly
France {however my high school french would be inadequate].Wouoldn't it be
winderful if there were a website with workshops of every sort in not only
clay but other art and craft disciplines at one in spot that could get
updated monthly?? It is nice some of the magizines have some listings but
their deadlines are way in advance and some workshops are not included as
they are not summer ones.An ongoing intternational list that would not get
spammed would be ideal.Postings periodically on Clayart are appreciated but
a central list would be easier to find, one[a workshop] near a specific
place at specific times.It would be real important that the specific
location, contact numbers and information as well as instructor[s], fees and
housing/meal options are readily available[hopefully listed].Does one already

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kenneth.guill@MAILEXCITE.COM writes:

> . Also is there a listing for summer
> workshops in England or the Netherlands anywhere. Take care, kenn