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oops, wrong fees for mudpie workshops!!

updated fri 15 mar 02


Donna Gates on fri 15 mar 02

ClayArt followers, my last message about workshops at Mudpie Potters went
out with the wrong fees, oops! Here are the correct workshop prices:

Massachusetts, Leverett June 1-2 "Raku Intensive with Steven Branfman:
hands-on weekend of glazing & firing technique" Fee $220, slides only on
May 31 $5, bring small bisqued pots. June 29-30 "Artist's Weekend of Clay
and Watercolor Painting" with Donna Gates and Susan Pecora, $185. July 14 "
Making Cone 8-10 Glazes for Absolute Beginners" with Angela Fina, $80. July
20-21 "Clay Whistles & Ocarinas: Making and Playing Them: a weekend for
educators or anyone who wants to make clay play music" with Sally Alley
Muffin Stuffin, $185. August 3 "Sculpture that Says Something: The
Figurative Clay Sculpture of Cynthia Consentino" demonstration & slides
with the sculptor, $80. August 4 "Pots for Pouring and Drinking"
demonstration with Mark Shapiro, $80. Contact Donna Gates, Mudpie Potters,
13 Montague Rd, PO Box 3, Leverett, MA 01054; email, telephone (413) 367-0047.

Just to let you know a little bit about Mudpie Potters Community Clay
Center in Leverett, MA, we are located in central MA near Amherst &
Northampton. We are housed in the Leverett Crafts & Arts building, home to
18 different artists and organizations including painters, drum makers,
metal workers, a screenprinter, knife maker, sculptors and of course
potters. Our studio's backyard opens to wooded areas with great hiking
trails and our atmosphere is relaxed. If you'd like to know more about any
of these workshops or to register, email me and I'll send you a full course
listing plus registration form.