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parking at conference?

updated mon 11 mar 02


MOLINA, RAFAEL on sat 9 mar 02

Does anyone know about the parking at the conference? Do the hotels =
have parking garages? Is there other parking downtown? I plan on =
staying out in the suburbs and driving in each day to the conference.

I'm driving my Jeep Wrangler up to K.C. I have to get the tires rotated =
and the oil changed for the first time before heading out. says it's a 7 1/2 hour drive from D/FW. That doesn't sound =
like too bad a trip.



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David Hendley on sun 10 mar 02

If you drive reasonably close to the speed limit, it's more like
10 hours from Arlington, TX to downtown Kansas City.

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas