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kilns on porches

updated sat 9 mar 02


Carol Tripp on fri 8 mar 02

Martin wrote, in part:
My question is, must it be enclosed? I'm awaiting arrival of my electric
>kiln now. I had been planning to put it on a covered outside terrace.

Hi Martin,
I have my L&L kiln on the back porch which is covered but open on one side.
I can observe the kiln out the sliding glass doors which are kept closed
when firing. (They are closed for 9-10 months out of the year anyway due to
the heat.) I live in Dubai and it rarely rains here but when I'm not
firing, I cover the kiln with a car cover. I have a vent from Bailey's that
hangs on the wall. This is to channel the fumes away from the windows.

I think the reason everyone talks about having sheds or garages for kilns is
that not many of us live where the kiln can be outside all year round. In
fact, I take my kiln apart June to October because it is so hot and humid
(up to 120F 100% humidty) it can't do the controller any good and it is just
too hot to fire - simply being outside and leaning into the kiln makes one

One other potter in town that I know keeps her gas kiln outside without any
roof at all. In the rare event of rain, out comes some canvas.
So go ahead and put the kiln on the porch, but get a cover in case of rain.
Best regards,
PS I had a look at your family site - so how/why did you move to Central

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