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3rd annual clayart slide workshop!! last update

updated sat 9 mar 02


Russel Fouts on fri 8 mar 02

9:00pm on Thursday the 14th after the Randall Session. Be there! Usually
the Slide Session goes about 2 hours so it shouldn't finish too late
(Liz and Carla have to rest up for the dance on Friday night)

I'm flying to the states Saturday morning and will not be able to access
my mail, so if you're interested in participating, see me at NCECA or
just show up. If you have slides, get them to the Clayart room or bring
them ONE HOUR early (8:00 pm) before the workshop, on Thursday to the
Clayart room so we can get them into a carousel.

I still need leads to a local, professional, craft photographer that
might be interested in volunteering their input. If you know anyone,
sell them on the idea and drag them along. Introduce them to me sometime
before the workshop.

And I'm still looking for:
- Extension cables
- Got enough carousels, thanks

People have responded well to the call for "How Not To Shoot Slides"
examples, you'll see their name in the list. I think it would be great
to show them "before and after", so those of you have already contacted
me, just put them in with your regular slides. Mix them up if you want
to, we'll do our best to guess which are which. ;-)

We've had a more names come in. I know we'll have many, many more than
this for the workshop.

The list below is just to try to get an idea of how many people will be
attending. If you don't get your name in to me, don't worry. Label your
slides, put them in a protective container, get them to the clayart room
and join the fun on Thursday night.

Also, you don't have to have slides to participate, it would be great to
have everyone there.

Participants so far:
John Elder (slides)
Marta Matray Gloviczki (slides)
Paul Lewing (no slides but a challenge)
Kathleen Nez (slides and volunteer)
Steve Branfman (slides and $.02 [although there is no charge])
Liz Willoughby (slides)
Connie Christensen (slides)
Karen Terpstra (slides, volunteer, slide wrangler)
Cheryl Litman (slides)
Ilene Mahler (slides, volunteer)
Bacia Edelman (Good and Bad slides)
Sherry Wells (slides and willing hands)
Dale Neese (good and bad slides)
Michelle Lowe (slides and a carousel)
Kurt Wild (good slides and bad)
Polly Beach (Expertise)
Marcia Selsor (slides and a carousel)
Dannon Rhudy (slides and two carousels)
Ruth Butler (Expertise)
Katheleen Nez (Slides? and Volunteer)
Rafael Molina (Slides)
Diana Pancioli (Slides)
Patricia Farren (Slides?)
Curtis Nelson
Karen Terpstra (Return Slide Wrangling)
Joyce Lee (Volunteer)
Gail Dapogny (Slides)
Chris Koivisto (Carousel Slide Projector)
John Hesselberth (Slides and Expertise)

Please read my original post below if you're interested in


I sounds like the Clayart Suite might be getting filled up with
activities, so I thought I'd better send this out to see if people are
still interested. I wouldn't want to compete with Tony's ball room
dancing classes (or was it Merrie's "Twist'n" lessons) or Elca's plate
making demo. ;-)

Here we go again. This is a popular event every time. We had so many
people wanting to participate the first year that we couldn't get them
all into the Clayart Suite. The next year we were blessed with our own
conference room (actually I think it was Elca and I discussing in the
hallway that drove the hotel to relocate us).

Basically, the idea is to run it like a jury slide viewing to give
people the experience of seeing their slides in a jurying situation so
they could see what the jury sees when they review slides. It would also
be an opportunity to see your slides, objectively in relationship to the
others and how they might appear to a jury and pick up some tips. Of
course, it's also an opportunity to see more of the work of our fellow

People should bring their 3 best slides (or worst, like Paul the first
year), we load them up in the trays and run them. Each slide gets a few
seconds, no comments, just run through them, 1,2,3. Then, if anybody has
a comment they could make it before the next set.

We had lots of "experts" volunteering. Ruth Butler from Ceramics
Monthly, Polly Beach from Claytimes and a representative from A.C. Black
(I'm sorry I can't remember the name), Azad, a local Denver Craft
photographer, John Hesselberth, who wrote a good article on
photographing pots, lots of folks with jury experience and even Paul
Lewing with the "3 worst slides you could possibly imagine". There was a
lot of great participation.

If you want to participate, volunteer or loan equipment:

- Send an OFF LIST email to Put "Clayart Slide
Workshop Participant" in the subject.

- If you want to show slides, label your slides with your NAME and
ADDRESS and Put a red dot in the LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER when the picture
is right-side up. In other words, put the dot where it can be seen by
the person projecting the slides when they are in the tray.

- Please have the slides in a protective cover/container of some kind
and label the cover/container as well.

- No glass mounted slides please (am I the only one who still has some
of these?)

- You are welcome to participate even if you don't have slides. Just let
us know so we have an idea of how many people we have to set up for.

- We'll need volunteers to "wrangle" slides, donate projectors,
carousels, a big screen, help set up the projectors, the room and reset

- Please let me know if I've forgotten anything.

- We will let you know as soon as we know the date and time. Depending
on when we know, it will be announced on Clayart, or in the Clayart room
or on the Notices Bulletin Board (there always is one).

- We'd like to limit this to Clayarters (active and lurkers, alike).
Otherwise, it's just going to get too big.

I'd like to make sure that we get the slides of all the people who want
to show. That all the slides get shown and that all the slides get back
to the rightful owner.

- Collecting of slides. I think the Clayart room is the best location
for this but nobody should have to spend all of NCECA in the Clayart
Suite collecting slides (unless they were planning to spend the whole of
the conference there anyway). Maybe we could have a rotation of

- Slide "Wranglers". Volunteers to load the slide trays and make sure
that the slides get back into their rightful containers afterwards.

- Some way to make sure that, if people can't pick up their slides after
the show, there is someone to give them back to them afterwards.

Very Important! If any body knows of a local professional craft
photographer who would like to volunteer, please let us know. Craft
magazine and book publishers are also welcome.

We will let you know the date as we get closer. It sort of depends which
evening event Clayarters are most willing to miss. The night of the
dance is definitely out. Mishy would never forgive me. ;-)

All of this will be refined as we go along.

OK, let's hear from you!

Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 223 02 75
Mobile: +32 476 55 38 75