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(time management issues?)

updated sat 9 mar 02


Penni Stoddart on thu 7 mar 02

Wow Ken, what a busy life. No wonder you have no time for pottery. You have
a lot on your plate.
I happen to be a mum of two (7 yr old girl and 2 yr old boy - potty training
begins in earnest next week as I am on spring break with the kids =o) ). I
also work for our school board as an education assistant (30 hours a week).
I get to my clay on weekends mostly or evenings when hubby is on the right
shift and is home to stay in the house with the kids as my studio is in the
back half of the garage. My problem is that when I do get started I often
don't stop for hours. Not too bad if it's a Saturday or Sunday and nothing
else needs doing but on a week night it means I am often up until well after
1 am. Then I am too tired to operate properly at work.
I am heavily involved in our local guild and in Artisans London, the
umbrella group encompassing our guild and a couple of other arts guilds.
These things kept me going when I was pregnant with my son a few of years
ago and after I had him and had no time to actually DO pottery. Staying
involved helped me stay in the clay so to speak.
You said you have just moved house, from one side of the country to another.
That is a huge task. I think the unpacking and arranging of a new house is a
ton harder then the packing up of the old one. As I am going through the
potty thing with my nearly 3 year old son now I can empathize with how much
time that takes of your day too.
After all I have said I am not sure I have actually made a point. So here it
is..... It is not so much time management as it is just the place in your
life that you happen to be in for the moment. Enjoy your sons now as they
will never be this little again and the world is one huge present that
surprises them daily. Enjoy their glee in those surprises. Stay hooked into
the clay as you are, for now. I am jealous that you get to go to NCECA. for
me when I could not get to the clay.
You will get back to it (you know that). This "little" group, your magazines
and especially your trip will keep you inspired I am sure.
By the way, when you do get your studio set up. Set the kids up with a few
tools and a hunk or two of clay when you are in there. My 7 year old throws
on my wheel when I'm done (though I centre for her) and my son hacks and
chops a design into the clay with sticks and things. Loves every minute of
Penni Stoddart of Penelope's Pots
Now acting as PAST President,
Artisans London (Ontario, Canada)

I live in my own little world, but it's ok... they know me here