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i luved the latest cm

updated thu 7 mar 02


clennell on wed 6 mar 02

> I agree with David. Let professional potters dare to _use_, yes use,
> their own pots!
I've been busy. Grabbing a look here and there. David has his knickers in
a twist over the teapots. I didn't pause long enough to think about them.
I went to the double article on my favourite cowboy curmudgeon John Chalke.
I've read his Old glazes, New Words three times and will probably read it
Ruth B and the CM gang love our Johnnie and I'd like to thank them for the
fantastic article. The piss off is, I just about bought "Findhorn" (on page
65) this August at the Jonathon Bancroft Snell Gallery show _ a Matter of
Clay" . It was 850 clams which was a figure I had to think about for some
time. Liz W , Judith Graham and Sheila and I went out for dinner and a
friend Shirley Clifford snapped it up. I get visiting rights.
Best said of Johns work by the old cowboy himself "People might be tempted
to touch some of these areas with a curious mind in an inquiring manner.
These works of ceramic art are best fondled with the eye, as it were, rather
than by touch".
If you ever get a chance to hear John talk about pots don't walk- run. He
has thought more about pots in 30 years than many could in two lifetimes.
I'm off to look at our JC "A Red Bridge"- we cashed in a Savings Bond to buy
it. No regrets. It makes me think.