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god as a potter

updated wed 6 mar 02


rebecca geary on tue 5 mar 02

Hi Y'all,
I'm pretty new to this list and having just gotten back into pottery
after a 20 yr (or so) hiatus, it was a lovely discovery. This thread
brought to mind one of my fav Dali paintings which I think portrays
creation (and perhaps G*d) as a master potter. Enjoy!

Galacidalacidesoxyribonucleicacid, 1963

> ancient hindu nursery rhyme
> __________________
> god is a potter and he's ok,
> sleeps by night
> and potters all day.
> god is a potter,
> brahma is his name:
> inside his belly is a very hot flame.
> once in a while
> the world falls in,
> then he starts all over again.
> he's a divine drunkard
> and its no shame,
> cause that's the reason
> no two pieces are the same.
> _______________
> "Pottery is a very meditative work
> and can help in centering.
> You may not have looked at it that way,
> but anything to do with the hands is good.
> Anything like pottery can
> become an inner source of centering.
> Outside, you go on centering the pot,
> and inside, you go on centering yourself.
> It is one of the most beautiful things a man can do.
> In India we concieve of God as a potter.
> In all the Indian scriptures they say that
> the world is like a pot and God is the potter.
> You must have heard the word 'brahma'.
> Brahma means the potter, the creator of the world."
> "It is a meditative process that can be
> transformed almost into a ritual.
> You can move into prayer and meditation through it."
> Osho