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virus hoax and new kiln

updated tue 5 mar 02


F.Chapman Baudelot on mon 4 mar 02

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There is a very convincing virus hoax email that is being spread around in=
several languages and entices people to delete a perfectly normal Windows=20
file from their system. The file in question is called 'sulfnbk.exe' and=20
is located in Windows\command. If you do delete it, luckily it can be=20
easily restored, and in any case one can even make do without it. For more=
info visit=20
I finally received my tiny (18" x 26") expensive new diesel kiln after=20
having ordered it before Christmas. However, they forgot to send the=20
furniture, and I won't be able to fire my test pots until they arrive,=20
probably 'ma=F1ana'. However, the controller and everything else seem to=20
work correctly. Now I just have to invent programs for it; up to 50 of=20
them if I wish! I still haven't found any stoneware clay to my liking. I=
realize just how lucky I was to have so much choice in North America. I=20
shall probably end up mixing a red earthenware with a beige ^10 stoneware ,=
hoping to eventually get a fairly red ^6 body. There are no premixed ^6=20
clays available here, and most of the stoneware bodies are grogged with=20
what feel like sharp potshards. I know, I'm just being too choosy, but for=
some obscure reason I hate using white or grey clay. It's not that I can't=
throw it, just that it says nothing to me, as though it were dead, and I=20
don't want to make dead pots.
There is a pic of the kiln in the shed I made for it on my Spanish website.

Fran=E7oise in Spain

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