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updated sun 3 mar 02


Helen Bates on sat 2 mar 02

These are some of my pottery views from early January.

I checked the links, and changed a couple to their most current

Interesting UK clay artists:

Tessa Wolfe Murray
Contemporary Ceramics and Studio Pottery from "UK Ceramics"
Very fine design and unusual surface treatment for earthenware vessels.

Teena Gould
One of a kind gallery pieces and public art
Sculptural hand built vessel forms are complex in the making but
elemental in aspect.
Public art is hand built tile etc. on various forms.

Richard Phethean
Very assured work by this studio and teaching potter.
Good set of Q&A's.
Excellent though small format photos of throwing process (with text)
of jug, bowl, casserole, plus a series of photos of his raku firing

Peter Beard
Superb form and decoration.
Pieces shown are one of a kind, mainly vessel-based, as well as on
various other solid or enclosed forms, and in some cases, on forms that
I might describe as showing the juncture of two dimensional space and
three-dimensional form.

Two from Japan (but one now in the USA)

Takumi Sato (Japan)
A little out of the ordinary!
Teaches ceramics at a Buddhist college.

Hirotsune Tashima
Japanese American sculptor in paint-finished stoneware.
Pieces often lifesized and satirical.
Occasional nudity.


Brigitta Briner & Patrick King (Switzerland)
See also: Brigit Hurst, Verena Meier, "Swiss" gallery;
Maria Geszler, Mikang Lim, Paul Scott, "World" gallery.
Many different techniques and artistic visions.
Well worth the visit.


Pottery Tech (Japan)
An article on Black Raku technique:
"Pottery Tech" index page:
Some Canadians and Americans linked here.


Janet DeBoos
Canberra School of Art - Ceramics
Visiting artists; lecturers; "distance" education ceramics diploma or
certificate of attainment

Mary Quagliata Art (San Miguel de Allende)
Fired clay figural pieces are finished in acrylics.
Makes a specialty is the personality of various dogs.
Featured in January 2002 Ceramics Monthly.
(link courtesy of Pottery Making Illustrated)


What is Art? What is an Artist?
Sweet Briar College
"(...) Both the notion of "art" and the idea of the "artist" are
relatively modern terms."
"Many of the objects we identify as art today -- Greek painted
pottery, medieval manuscript illuminations, and so on -- were made in
times and places when people had no concept of "art" as we understand
the term.(...)." (Chris Whitcomb)


Bruno Sserunkuuma
Acting Dean and Lecturer
Makerere University, School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Uganda
Other ceramics makers represented.


Archaeology - Mississippian


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Liisa Reid on sat 2 mar 02

Hi all -

This article on black raku is very interesting to see the "traditional" Japanese approach
to raku. Also some great insights into fostering bubbling in glazes, and brushing glazes
(made with cmc) to hinder pitting, especially on rough clay. This was interesting to me,
since I discovered a couple of years ago that it was my solution to pitting on my slipped
and carved surfaces. Great pictures of the whole process and finished teabowl. Thanks
Helen, for this great link.

Liisa Reid

> Pottery Tech (Japan)
> An article on Black Raku technique:
> "Pottery Tech" index page:
> Some Canadians and Americans linked here.