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interrupted firing "cones"

updated fri 1 mar 02


Sandy Ludes on thu 28 feb 02

Being way short on experience, I thrive (survive?) on the sophistication
and expertise shared every day by Clayarters...and should be doing the
"asking" rather than the "answering"...but I read the following and
don't think it has been cited so far in this discussion.

According to the Orton Ceramic Foundation, explained in its Sentry
digital controller manual, cones that are fired to within 100 degrees F
of their maturity and then allowed to cool 50 degrees or more form a
hard shell and will not bend properly.

Sound like the authoritative answer?

Sandy Ludes
Elderberry Arts in Beautiful Downtown Nokesville VA

joseph carames on thu 28 feb 02

In the community studio where I assist we replace to cones if a firing is
interrupted. The original cone may or may not be altered but the odd
chance that it may fire higher or even lower next time is not worth the
aggravation if any of the work comes out poorly fired or over fired.
Small insurance and effort to avoid scarping shelves and handling the
disappointed students.
I will be interested to see the other responses to your question
If I could experiment to check for sure I would but we do not have this

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 22:21:23 +0200 jean mitton
> Hi All,
> Could Clayarters advise. If a firing has to be aborted
> midway =
> to acquired temperature, on restarting would fresh/new cone packs be
> =
> required??
> Regards,
> =20
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