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cone 6 claybodys

updated fri 1 mar 02


Chris and Nissa on thu 28 feb 02

Anyone used Continental Clay's Buff Stoneware at cone 6? It's nother 6-10
prepared clay. I'll be doing absorption test after my sample makes it
through the kilns...but would like anyone's comments on their experience.
Primarily would be used for wheel the past I used their mid-Range
oxidation body(cone 4-8) but want to change to lighter colored (not white)
body. Previous body works well controlled drying
used...wondering about that too if anyone's used Buff and had problems
drying cracks.

I do remember Jonathan Kaplan's post recently about coming up with your own
mix since most prepared clays are not up to individual's snuff-especially
when touted as covering such a wide range. I imagine a custom mix for my
use will eventually be the aim but for now I am checking with what's readily
available. Maybe someone's used some Minnesota Clay (cone 6)mixes they
might want to share experience.

Feel free to reply directly to avoid the company name game.