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collecting ceramics advice-safe display

updated sun 3 mar 02


Working Potter on wed 27 feb 02

I thought I'D ad my 2c worth here.They just showed on tv how kids use
furniture for ladders to reach stuff up high and both with your
collections and any other storage units this might be a way to help with both
use a system that anchors the display or storage unit to the walls using a
stud for true security.They showed a strap you screw on the wall and on the
piece as well as metal 90degee angles.Not only will the kiddos keep from
climbing up and pulling them down on themselves, but it will give some
protection in case of earthquakes as we had friend's children hit by
falling stuff on shelves as well as bookcases in earthquakes.There have
been child deaths from these causes.
The other item worth mentioning is that there is a museum putty that helps
secure stuff on shelves and stands.Little protective fence-like rails in
the front of the shelves might give a little time /help in slight wobble
My cats have been my collection's worst enemy.
Putting stuff in boxes may be necessary if displays are rotated when
space is limited but I sure like to use my collection and enjoy holding
the treasured ones.

James Bowen on sat 2 mar 02

Anyone who did not read working potters advice on this
should go back and read it.
When I was a Postmaster an accident happened where a child
tried to climb up on a lobby desk and it tipped over and
killed him. Now these desks were installed twenty years
before in over twenty thousand post offices with nary an
accident. An immediate order went out to fasten these desks
to the floor and walls in all post offices. Less than six
months later in one of the few offices that ignored the
order a child climbed on a desk and it tipped over and
killed his brother.
We can debate forever the concept that we all have to live
with a certain level of risk, but when WE expose others to
risks that WE are aware of then WE are responsible for their
safety. And liable.
Same goes for pugmills, and too hot coffee.
Being forewarned is truly being forearmed.

Stay Centered
James Bowen
Boyero CO