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finding op hardcover books

updated thu 28 feb 02


Andi Fasimpaur on wed 27 feb 02

At 11:29 AM 2/27/02 -0600, you wrote:
>Great list so far! Anyone know where one can get a hard copy of Finding
>One's Way With Clay?

While I believe that Finding One's Way With Clay has been re-published and
is probably available from a variety of sources, including from clayarter
Stephen Branfman, it is often desirable to find books which are Out of
Print, or specific editions of books which are currently in re-print... my
favorite resource for this is from which is a loose
affiliation of independent (mostly used) booksellers.

Finding One's Way With Clay is available from a variety of sources through
ABEbooks, both in the US and abroad, and the prices range from $25 for
copies which look like they would be excelent reading copies or reference
copies to keep in the studio, to $90.00+ for mint copies of first editions
in dust jackets...

There are a wide variety of shops listed with ABEbooks, some are specialty
shops, some deal in rare editions, but many are small used bookstores...
It's amazing what you can find, or how many copies you will see of books
you have been searching for forever.