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my first glaze tests - mastering cone 6 glazes

updated wed 27 feb 02


Nancy Guido on tue 26 feb 02

I tested High Calcium Semi-Matt 2 - Bone and Raw Sienna on Tucker's Mid Cal 5
and my local supplier's terra cotta (Rovins RO 82). I did nothing special in
the firing of my kiln. I have an Evenheat PF2329 Delux (with extra
insulation). My tiles are usually 1/2" to 5/8" thick and I get in about 7-8
shelves 3" apart. I use the Soft Fire mode to cone 6. I program the kiln to
fire up at 200 degrees per hour and then it slows itself down towards the
end. The kiln fires to a cone 6 down and cone 7 bending. It cools slowly on
its own when it is fully packed with tiles. Most of my tiles are stained and
not glazed and I don't soak unless the tiles are mostly glazed.

The Raw Sienna is beautiful, just like the book on both the clay bodies,
maybe a little darker on the terra cotta, but still a lot of personality.
Looks good on a flat surface. The Bone is a little shiny on both clays, but
the glaze was a little thick I think when I put it on, so I put another test
in with the glaze a bit thinner and that will come out tomorrow morning.

Mouse and Waterfall will be next. I want to see how they look on flat
surfaces and terra cotta.

Nancy G.