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fixing crawling berry rust ^6ox

updated tue 26 feb 02


Carol Tripp on mon 25 feb 02

Back in December, I appealed for help in fixing a crawling problem with
Craig Martell's revision of Berry Rust, ^6ox;

Silica 24
EPK 23
Neph Syn 9
Bone Ash 9
Talc 15
Frit 3134 20

Red Iron Oxide 8.5 to 12% - you have to test and see what you like

Ron Roy suggested dropping the EPK entirely and substituting OM #4 (Bell
Dark Ball is ok too);

Silica 18
OM #4 31
Neph Syn 8
Bone Ash 9
Talc 14.5
Frit 3134 19.5

RIO 8.5

Chris S and Craig M suggested calcining half the EPK.

I tried both ways and RR's came out a darker iron red with black breaks and
the calcined EPK version was a rustier iron red with black breaks.
I prefer the rustier version. Neither crawled. I have since used the EPK
version on large pots and the glaze will crawl if it is on particularly
thickly - it all depends on how watery the glaze is and just how thick is
thick. I use a yellow semi gloss trailed over the Berry Rust all the time
and these two don't crawl, usual, it all depends.

Anyway, thanks to Ron, Craig and Chris for the help. This in now my
favourite iron red.
Best regards,

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