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photo credit puhleeeeeze!/dorset art week 2002

updated mon 25 feb 02


Richard Jeffery on sun 24 feb 02

it's not always their (gallery) call.

I'm working up the web site for the Dorset Art Weeks 2002 open studio event
[I'll do the cheap plug at the bottom] - we have one image which is sold by
the photographer through an international agency. if photo gets published
without the copyright and accreditation, they can get [rightly] very heavy.

photographers have a living to make too, and there aren't many more obvious
ways of building up a profile that are better than being associated with
high class work in a high class publication. you might want to check out
the copyright thing again [I can hear the cries, of No - don't start that
again....] - in many cases the copyright will remain with the photographer
unless explicitly transferred.....


16 days, 304 venues, 450 artists - and a million and one ideas.....

Dorset Art Weeks 2002 - 25th May - 9th June - biggest open studio in the
country, as far as we know.

if anyone wants more details, let me know - you can see work from the last
event on the web site, but the new stuff won't be out there until the paper
guide is published in March - and get the thing fini9shed.

if anyone is planning a trip to the UK around this time, you really
shouldn't miss it!

if you missed any of that, don't worry - I expect I'll be mentioning it

Richard Jeffery

Web Design and Photography
Bournemouth UK

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You are absolutely SHOULD get photo credit, but it doesn't
always happen. When I send slides for a juried show, I assume that they
will be juried and returned....and I am never asked who shot the work.
Then, occasionally to my surprise my work ends up on a promotional postcard,
or show program, without the photographer credit line. Sometimes, in fact,
even my name does not appear! Of course, i am totally happy with the free
publicity but....
When i send my work to mags or other pubs, I always include the
photographers name. My promotonal postcards and brochure have it, but there
are certain things beyond our control, and are up to promoters. I have
asked them on occasion, if they were planning to use my work, why they
didn/t call me for the photographer's name? They have answered that it
would make the card look too "busy" or not flow with the design, etc, etc.
that is just their point of view of course,
and i, like you, would prefer they include the photo credit....but sometimes
it just doesn't work with what they are creating. A certain image to sell
people to come to their shows.

susan fos hirschmann
annandale, va

>Reply-To: Ceramic Arts Discussion List
>Subject: Photo Credit Puhleeeeeze!
>Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 18:28:15 -0600
>About nine months ago I shot some work for an artist and recently I saw an
>invitation for a one-person show by that artist which was very nicely done
>with photo's I had taken on the front and back. Curiously enough there was
>no credit given to the photographer anywhere on the invite.
>I always ask the folks whose work I shoot to please give me photo credit
>when they use the images in publications. Some do and some don't. I don't
>think it's asking too much.
>On a related note I remember a message recently from someone at ACERS
>apologizing for not including the names of the ceramists used in the
>Potters Council materials and proceeded to list the names of the artists.
>What about photo credit for the photographers who shot the images used by
>the Council? It's quite common for books, magazines and other published
>materials to give credit to the photographers. Again, I don't think it's
>asking too much.
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