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john calver workshop

updated fri 11 apr 03


"mtimes (by way of Brenda Beeley)" on sun 24 feb 02

Demonstration & Slide Show
June 15, 2002 9-6 PM
June 16. 2002 9-1 PM
Fee: $120 for the weekend

If you've seen the December 2000 cover of "Ceramics Monthly" you'll know why I
was so excited when John Calver agreed to do a workshop here, especially since
he comes all the way from England! His forms enchant the eye; his rich,
colorful glazes are magnificent.

In this one and a half day workshop John will demonstrate a variety of
throwing, clay-handling and decorating techniques he uses in his own work.
Freshly-thrown forms are altered while still on the wheel, or are removed to
be stretched, or cut and re-assembled. Various different types of handles and
feet (pulled, wire-cut or coiled) are added at leather hard stage. He begins
glaze decoration on the wheel with ribbing, chattering, inlay and fabric
impression, and continues at leather hard stage using sponged and trailed
slips and paper resist.These processes will be applied to functional items
such as plates, dishes, bowls, jugs, bottles and candleholders.

Whether you work on the wheel or handbuild, there will be something new to
enliven and inspire your own work.

John Calver was trained as a civil engineer. He was introduced to clay at an
adult education class. His hobby became all consuming, and in 1974 he set up
as a full-time potter in England, making functional earthenware.
Enticed by the rich surface effects and glazes possible with reduced
stoneware, he changed direction to develop the distinctive forms and
colourful, complex decoration for which he has become well known.
In 1990, he was elected a Fellow of the Craft Potters' Association of Great
Britain. Over the past twelve years, John has given over 60 workshops and
demonstrations for pottery groups, colleges and universities.

ClaySpace on Puget Sound is a beautiful waterfront studio with views of Mount
Rainier, the Cascades and the Space Needle. It is located in Kitsap County
about 45 minutes from Downtown Seattle by ferry and auto/bus. There are
beautiful beaches, hiking trails, kayaking, massages,waterfront camping,
B&B's and great restaurants and art galleries.

ClaySpace on Puget Sound
Brenda Beeley
PO BOX 1339
Suquamish, WA 98392-1339
(360) 598-3688

Brenda Beeley on tue 16 jul 02

I agree! John just did a 2 day demo at my studio and it was like a magic
show. He's brillant. 30 year throwing veterans were ooing and aahing. He
made everything look so effortless.

ClaySpace on Puget Sound
Brenda Beeley
P.O. Box 1339
Suquamish, WA 98392-1339
(360) 598-3688

>Michele D'Amico on thu 27 jun 02 (damicom@CRUZIO.COM)

> I just returned from the John Calver Workshop at Sierra Nevada
College. It
>was the best workshop I've ever attended. He is a wonder! Creative,
> of wonderful skills and ideas as well as an excellent teacher and
lots of
> fun (dry British humor) Anyone who has a chance to spend some time
in one
>of his workshops should definately take advantage of the
experience. His
>throwing, altering and decorating ideas can apply to all areas of
> I'm still high from the experience!!

Helen Bates on wed 17 jul 02

John Calver sites:

See the "Studio Pottery UK" site for John Calver:

Then spend as much time as you can spare at the rest of this superlative British
site: .

You may need to download a "plug-in" to run the home page, as there are some
animations there. (Not "cute" anigifs, these make the site easier and faster to
navigate once loaded.)
John Calver's page at Sierra Nevada College:
Another great site, this one, at:
(Clayarter Sheri Leigh is Associate Professor, Ceramics, at Sierra Nevada


Helen Bates -,,
Web - (includes links to my "surfing"
PMI Online - (New)
Clayarters' Urls - (Amsterlaw Site)

Michele on thu 10 apr 03

Last Summer I took a workshop with John Calver at Sirra Nevada College. It
was absolutely the best workshop and the most fun I've had. I see he'll be
back again this June. I cannot recommend it enough. I originally saw
Calver's work on the cover of Ceramic's Monthly. He does beautiful thrown
and altered work, extraordinary glaze and design and is wonderfully funny in
that dry English way. The week was a fabulous learning experience and a
great excuse to spend a week in Lake Tahoe.
Michele D'Amico
Santa Cruz, CA