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kiln firing schedule cone 6 - rr

updated sat 23 feb 02


Leslie Laurent on fri 22 feb 02


First time using a firing schedule instead of the
auto fire on my Skutt kiln. Cone 6 was about
half way down ( 3 o'clock ) Should I increase
the hold time or fire to a different top temp
to get the tip touching? Looking at my cone
temp chart it looks like a small change=20
should do it. I had half a kiln of glaze tests
( it's a smallish kiln ) and results were good.
The glazes that I had used before were=20
considerably different with a slow cool. =20
Pretty interesting. =20

Anyway, firing schedule was

Increase temp until temp then hold minutes
200 deg F/hr 212 F 0

500 deg F/hr 2000F 0

150 deg F/hr 2190F 20

decrease 150 deg F/hr 1500F 0

turn off kiln=20

total firing time was 11 hours, 20 minutes

The auto fire has been giving me different cone
results from different parts of the kiln. Some
with tip touching and those from other shelves=20
only half down. This time all cones were
exactly the same. I wonder if that is the slow
cool also or just a coincidence. Coincidentally
I loaded the kiln better.......?=20

Grass Valley, CA

Cindy Strnad on fri 22 feb 02

Dear Lesley,

Just my opinion, but I would slow down that last rise. Actually, I'd slow=
the 500=BA F/hr bit, too, but it's probably not hurting anything. Instead=
150=BA/hr for your final rise, try 100=BA/hr. This may give you too much =
heat work,
so keep an eye on the cone.

Best wishes,
Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730
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