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testosterone, no it's not about "gender issues"

updated fri 22 feb 02


chris clarke on thu 21 feb 02

"As women we just don't have the muscles to
develop that men have so we gotta use what ever leverage is called =
for... "

That is not entirely true, we all have the same muscles (I know, that's =
not what you meant). What we lack is the testosterone to help build =
them to the sizes a man can without training like an olympic athlete. =
But with a little strength training you can give yourself very strong =
arms without having the bulk of a weightlifter. Big muscles do not =
equal strength. Hell, I beat out the only guy in my class at chin ups, =
and he has arms like trees.

Your biggest assets for centering are your shoulders (delts) and your =
back (lats and traps). A few hand weights and a chin up bar and you can =
add pounds to your top weight.=20


I also, after reading many many posts, softened up my clay considerably. =
It helped so much I could kick myself for fighting the clay all these =

temecula, california